XMRV and Contamination Link

by Cinda Crawford on November 28, 2011

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It turns out, there probably was a contamination link in the WPI studies documenting evidence of XMRV as a cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Subsequent evidence points in that direction. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost in XMRV playing some role in causing CFS or any other illness. Yet it’s highly likely that a true problem existed within the initial research because of contamination in the laboratory studies at WPI.

Our job is to continue to have hope that “science” does its job well. Let’s face it; none of us want erroneous results. None of us want errors to be made that conjure up false findings and anyone being able to ultimately say, “See. I told you Chronic Fatigue Syndrome isn’t real!”

I urge you to read part of the text below and then check out the entire post at Phoenix Rising. The authors have presented this vital CFS information in a straight-forward format that is not difficult to understand:

Contamination link

Contamination has been a constant theme in the research community over the past 9 months. Finding equal or more positive samples in the negative controls suggests contamination has occurred. In this study a genetic analysis of the positive samples indicated that it had occurred in the WPI. The analysis found that the XMRV the WPI picked up was almost identical to that produced by a lab cell line called 22RV1. This suggested the virus the WPI found had never entered a human body; ie was lab contaminant. (At the Ottawa conference Dr. Silverman, produced evidence of contamination in the original study, which resulted in several parts of the original Science paper being retracted, including the PCR results.)

Find all of this post on Phoenix Rising’s blog.

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Lilly 11.29.11 at 8:58 am

Good try, but this article is full of half-truths and spin repeated. For those who want to know the whole story, you’ll have to do your own homework and not just take your and PhoenixRising’s word for it.

The contamination papers have never shown that the Lombardi study results were due to contamination. Only a small part of that study was retracted and does not negate the rest of it. If one were paying attention when the contamination papers came out, one would see that they were part of a media blitz intended to sow doubt, sow doubt, sow doubt, without actually having any proof of what they infered.

What this article and PhoenixRising never mention is that much of the denial of MLVs and retroviruses in general comes from the UK and those in the US who are under the sway of the UK, where it is central to government policy to “prove” that cfs is psychosomatic. The 4 media oriented papers claiming contamination came from that group in UK.

Coffin’s contention that any virus created in the lab could not infect humans is nonsense. In fact, in 1980 the Pentagon commissioned studies to create an artificial retrovirus with no treatment for possible use as a bioweapon. This is the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge. If “xmrv” or related MLVs were created in the lab, it is possible that they were inventions, not accidents. What happened to them later is not revealed, but in UK the Official Secrets Act won’t allow certain information about this disease to be released to the public for another 50 years. Why is information about ME or CFS an Official Secret?

For anyone paying attention to the science, cfs was proven to be biomedical decades ago. Unfortunately, US government policy has been to belittle, denigrate and/or ignore patients with the illness. That policy seems to be continued once again.


Cinda Crawford 11.29.11 at 11:47 am

Don’t take my word for any science/medical related proven or unproven theory. Seriously, you or any interested party must do your homework. HOWEVER…there are too many mice in this nest for there not to be something going on. The only point I am espousing is that XMRV may not be the cause of CFS, as it was touted to be originally. If contamination existed in the testing procedures, you nor anyone wants to see erroneous results take us down the wrong path once again!!! This is too important, plus it undermines the credibility and urgency of all the people suffering with CFS.

CFS is a serious, biomedical event for sure. It deserves the right science, the best science and one without an agenda. Factions in both the UK and US want CFS to go away. Obviously with millions of peoples’ health at stake, it is not going away until serious and results-oriented research is undertaken and the big questions answered. In the end, we all want the same things: answers and results. We each simply have differing opinions about how to get to the goal line.

Thanks so much for your comment, Cinda Crawford

PS- I know nothing about the researcher you mentioned named “Coffin”. I do believe there were scurrilous “doings” within factions of various governments in the name of bio-warfare that should have not been going on at all. Scandalous! The reports go beyond anything that makes sense and common decency. *I’m currently reading The Silent Saboteurs by William D Nordquist, DMD, MS, and David J Krutchkoff, DDS, MS.


Cinda Crawford 12.03.11 at 8:19 am

I found this great article and want everyone to have the link. I encourage you to read it. Stolen Notebooks and a Biochemist in Chains. Thanks, Cinda

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