Old Feelings Can Affect Your Health

by Cinda Crawford on June 7, 2013

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Woman Unsure- DeeAshley- Flickr 6393640269As often as every minute of every day, old memories and old feelings can affect your health through the impact of emotional trauma. This type of damage occurs all the time. If memories are bad or negative, does that mean you and I are prisoners of our past emotional events?

No, not necessarily, but let’s examine this more thoroughly before we “assume” we will automatically be okay. For many people, this is a life-long, life-plaguing problem. That’s because of the person’s nature that he or she was born with, such as being tender-hearted, unsure of “self” or not feeling centered or secure. Before the baby or child is ready, an obtuse and negative view of life is imposed upon them. How tragic! This commonly happens without anyone older and more responsible knowing that this process is going on.

The child’s spirit perceives these insults as emotional trauma,
thus opening the door to a lifetime
of poor physical health.

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Think of the nature of little children; we all are innocent in the beginning. It’s up to our families to provide the environment and influences for the growth of positive, self-reliant qualities in us. In this case, it is nurture as well as nature that helps complete the long term pictures of 1) who we’ll become when we’re grown and 2) how healthy we’ll be long term.

If a relatively normal foundation is not established in our lives, stress, danger and distress can become the alternative internal environment. What a dichotomy! Instead of good health, we develop an abundance of mis-laid energy patterns that are laid one over top of another. The pattern of what goes where, of how a particular area works or doesn’t work becomes irregular, misshapen and undependable. At worst, this is the type of damage that causes severe distress. And worst of all, this pattern does not go away as we mature.

Instead, it often becomes worse,
a virtual recurrent pattern of damage that has been laid
layer by layer upon your body, mind and spirit.
As adults such damage manifests as poor or chronic bad health. Digging deeper, you will discover that when the damage is deep and severe enough, it can alter entire bodily systems, such as your response to disease and germ-like invaders. If you move into adulthood with a partner who treats your like your were treated as a child, the daily pattern becomes what you think it should be: your normal life. It’s easy to discount its affect on your life and/or feel as if you’re trapped and don’t know what happened or how to change your circumstance. In other words, you may feel as you’re doomed to feel badly…forever.

Now this is the farthest end of the spectrum and the end-result we experience as adults. In between your beginning years and now are:

  • People who yelled at you and caused you to doubt the still-forming formation of your fragile self-esteem
  • People who tried to act superior to you and said hurtful things knowing that you would feel remorse.
  • People who treated you badly and shamed you for being short, fat, wearing glasses or such. They made you think something was wrong with you when it wasn’t!
  • People who were jealous of you and teased you for not being as good as someone else.
  • People who were (or wanted to be) a bit faster at sports, quicker with the answers in school or simply could retain more knowledge for tests. They teased you for every little mistake, making you feel inept, stupid and unworthy.

Do you see where this is going? The presence of emotional trauma induces literally millions of possibilities.

This process easily leads to the early beginnings of self-doubt, a poor body image and that you’re simply not good enough. “You’re a failure!” That is not a proper environment for anyone.

Next week, we’ll go into this subject deeper and see how this type of emotional trauma could be bothering you personally. When old feelings affect your health, you can suffer indefinitely and in many ways… . That is, until you understand how powerful these concepts are and “how” to begin reversing the damage to your body, mind and spirit.

Thank you so much for joining me. I’m Cinda Crawford, your host of the Health Matters Show and creator of Sacred Cellular Healing

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