Fibromyalgia: Mental Symptoms and Emotional Stress

by Cinda Crawford on October 6, 2010

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Being sick with Fibromyalgia (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) automatically means that many of your mental symptoms and emotional stress systems, that are normally quite capable of keeping you mentally aware and stable, plus emotionally balanced and in control, are in disarray at the least and nearly ready for collapse at the worst. Add on to that all of the physical pain and changes to your body… no wonder you feel horrible!

(See the following post for more and different information on the physical systems.)

That can mean: (See the 3 references below.)

You aren’t as mentally sure of yourself as you used to be. Can your brain perform when needed? Will you remember all of the data that you know is up in your brain somewhere?

Mental symptoms: examine this category in WebMD as #1 Mental Health.

You don’t feel as emotionally balanced as you’d like. Do you suffer with mood swings or outright depression? Are you having to rely on prescription medications just to feel halfway decent? Is the emotional stress in your life or from your illness getting too much for you?

This symptom can get to anyone. See WebMD’s Causes of #2 Emotional Stress.

If you would like to hear someone talk about these issues, I invite you to be back here on Friday for the Health Matters Show. I’m interviewing a great guest, #3 Dr. Robin Mayfield, who will tell you why she believes her Fibromyalgia patients get sick. You’ll want to hear how she and her team are being quite successful in helping people get well. And lastly, she and I are planning a “live” teleseminar within the next two weeks on Fibromyalgia! Be sure not to miss it.

You can find out more here tomorrow on the podcast. Hope to see you then.

Thanks so much, Cinda Crawford
Host of the Health Matters Show, where we talk earnestly about the mental symptoms and emotional stress of being sick with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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